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We've found a way of improving

individual and collective

performance and satisfaction

dramatically and inexpensively.

We use it to help Leadership and Performance Improvement Teams find and orchestrate the next level of breakthrough performance and satisfaction - whatever their current performance and challenges might be.

We're also keen to transfer our capability to you and your team.

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The Dramatic Improvement


Dramatic improvement can be brought about, creatively and collaboratively in a deliberate and systematic way, in any and every situation, no matter how challenging or hopeless it may seem.


  1. Dramatic improvement is eminently possible in EVERY situation.
  2. The key to dramatic improvement is LEVERAGE.
  3. We're constrained because WE CAN'T SEE THE LEVERAGE POINTS - not because they aren't there.
  4. The solution lies hidden, in plain hindsight, in the REPEATING PATTERNS that leverage-points follow.

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Click here for the Dramatic Improvement Manifesto Video.


Exceptional Productivity


Do you need to engage, energise and inspire your people and accelerate their capability and performance?

Our training programmes deliberately and systematically secure precisely these outcomes in the process of helping your people apply our solutions to their current challenges and objectives.


  1. Defrag Your Brain!
  2. Flow-Optimise Anything!
  3. Ingenuity-On-Demand
  4. Deliberate Synergy
  5. Accelerated Mastery
  6. Orchestrated Leadership

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Exceptional Productivity


Do you have highly capable people who deserve a supportive boost in productivity, ingenuity, capability, impact or influence?

We provide individual, team, project and situational support in applying and implementing our universal or custom solutions to challenging situations.


  1. Coaching
  2. Sound-boarding
  3. Collaborative problem-solving
  4. Capability transfer.
  5. Custom solution development.
  6. Workload sharing.

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Exceptional Productivity


Are you facing a challenging situation or ambitious objective - with no truly ingenious breakthrough solution in sight?

Our method enables us to develop simple, breakthrough solutions to the seemingly intractable problems that constrain individual, team and organisational performance.


  1. People & culture
  2. Process & practice
  3. Project & programme
  4. Product/market challenges
  5. Challenging Situation
  6. Organisational performance

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Exceptional Productivity


Are you looking for organisational productivity tools to enhance individual and collective performance, innovation and collaboration?

We've begun translating our solutions into organisational productivity applications - and have a few of them completed so far.


  1. eGuides: context-specific procedure support.
  2. eTemplates: virtual capability
  3. Intervention design and management applications.

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About Prodsol

We help executives, management teams and improvement teams improve end-to-end organisational productivity, performance and satisfaction significantly, quickly and inexpensively.


Our Method

Our method targets the seemingly intractable problems that constrain end-to-end performance and satisfaction, with small-footprint, highly leveraged, viral solutions.


Our Services

We provide managers and staff with affordable productivity training , support , consulting and tools - and help them develop and implement custom productivity solutions , if required.


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You'll be surprised to discover how much opportunity is hidden in plain sight within even the most challenging situation - and how easy and quick it is to unlock it.

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